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Whaledancer's Weight Loss Ramblings

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Whaledancer's Cookbook

Some of Whaledancer's favorite light and healthy recipes


These are recipes that taste good first, and also happen to be healthful. They are generally heart-healthy, low cholesterol, low calorie, and suitable for diabetics, but they’re also good enough that you’ll enjoy them even if you don’t care about healthy eating.


These aren’t frou-frou recipes with 47 steps invented by a professional chef with a staff of helpers, they’re plain home cooking.  Many of them are my own invention, some I adapted from recipes that were posted on the Weight Watchers message boards or that I culled from other sources.  Whenever possible, I have credited the orginal source.


Each recipe contains nutritional information. 


A note to those who are on Weight Watchers: these recipes are Core, unless otherwise noted. Some are Core plus one low-point ingredient. Points per serving are given for those following the Flex plan.


Table of Contents

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